Ravelry Bundles

Has anyone played with the new Ravelry bundles yet? How are you using them? How would you like to see them used? If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can see an example on my designer page. I’ve put together a featured bundle with patterns to match the weather here in the northern hemisphere, but it looks lonely and strange up there by itself.

rav bundle


What other sorts of bundles do you figure people will be looking for? What kind of bundles would you find helpful?

Purple People Eater

That was my nickname as a child. While purple is no longer my favorite color, there certainly has been an abundance of it around here lately. We seem to be in the “purple period” in the garden. Literally the only things blooming right now are purple flowers.


Specifically, while the crocus are pretty much done, we have hyacinths and anemone going. Please forgive the leaves everywhere; our white oak held on to some of its leaves all through the winter, but has apparently decided April seems like a good time to shed them.

In addition to the purple outside, a field trip and a party last weekend mean I had plenty of time to work on my purse socks. Indeed, one is finished!

purse socks

It uses the same cable as the Flutter sweater, with two of them on the instep and four on the leg. And of course, it’s purple!

Finally Flutter

It’s finally, finally done. Between the yarn mishap and the sheer number of days lately that I just haven’t had time to knit (or seam) a single stitch, I can not believe how long this sweater took. Thankfully it’s still juuuust cool enough to be able to wear this sweater a few times.

Flutter, pattern by Amy Herzog

Flutter, pattern by Amy Herzog

Unfortunately my camera went for a swim last weekend (thanks, cat) so you’ll have to make do with lousy cell phone photos. Maybe I’ll reshoot once I can afford a new camera, but it’ll be a while.

side seam

Overall I’m pretty happy with this pullover. I don’t know that it’s any more or less flattering than most I wear, but it feels nice and I love that it’s something different. I definitely don’t have any other sweaters that are similar to this one.


Happy Friday!

Blogiversary Sale!

I’ve been blogging here for 2 years! To celebrate, and to thank you for being a loyal reader, I’m having a sale. This week only (March 31-April 6), use code “blog2″ to get $2 off any pattern in the Feel Good Knitting shop.

Swept Away

Swept Away

This sale isn’t being advertised outside the Feel Good community. It is purely to thank you for being a loyal reader. I hope you’ll take advantage!



If you do, be sure to let us know what you got. We’d love to see your projects!



Out Like a Lion

There’s an old saying (at least around here) that March comes “in like a lion, and out like a lamb”. This March certainly did come in like a lion, with its bitter cold and unseasonable snows, but it seems to be going out like a lion too. It is still colder than average, although thankfully it’s currently raining instead of snowing. The wind is howling too, and it supposed to keep up through tomorrow. It also hailed today.

flutter pieces

It has rained and snowed so much in the last couple weeks that things are really starting to flood. I’m actually mildly concerned for the garden. It also means that the bits of my Flutter that are blocking are taking foreeeeeeever to dry. I had really hoped to have this stupid sweater put together and finished by now. Sigh.

customfit back

Instead I’ve continued to work on my CustomFit sweater and do an absolutely ungodly amount of grading. It’s amazing how much grading there always is at the end of the quarter, as students turn in all the work they’ve neglected to turn in all marking period. Remember when late grades used to be a scary and embarrassing thing? Again, sigh.

I could really go for some springtime right now.

Mother Nature Needs Medication

So for several days in a row, we had temperatures in the 50s and 60s – high 60s even!


We got some sun, the birds began nesting, and things began to bloom. Hubby and I even lit a fire in the firepit – outside! – instead of the fireplace on Saturday. Good times were had by all.


…And then this happened.


Again. I am so unbelievably done with winter I don’t even have words. It is officially spring, it was acting like spring, and then this. Argh!!

Luckily my Knitpicks package arrived before the snow, so between not wanting to go outside and the virus that’s got me temporarily laid up, I’ve been getting some knitting done.


The purple Felici is more pink in person than I had hoped, but the roving is a much deeper, prettier shade of green than I had hoped so I suppose it balances out! That green ball of Felici is called to me, and may replace my purse socks soon. And of course, the needed skein of Gloss has already been wound and I will get this last sleeve done if it kills me.




Happy first day of spring, everyone! The earth is definitely keeping her springtimey promises today. It’s noticeably warmer and gloriously sunny. My crocuses are blooming



and the hyacinths are promising to as well



even though they seem to be a particular favorite snack of the squirrels. Even the tulips are beginning peep their little heads out of the ground. In the name of spring (and St. Patrick’s Day, when I started this project) I have cast on my own little slice of green.



Like the calendar, this cardigan pattern has come with promises. I’m using Amy Herzog’s CustomFit pattern generator for the first time, and I have to admit the numbers make me nervous. I generally go for the same amount of ease over my whole body, and it’s never too far off from my actual measurements. This pattern has several inches of negative ease in the hips, and several inches of positive ease in the waist. This is a radical change for me. Having met Amy, taken her workshop, and bought her book, I’m prepared to trust her. But this pattern better live up to its promises.


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