April Showers

Spring has sprung! Around here, that means plenty of flowers and luscious greens. Unfortunately, it also means rain. Image

This is the kind of rain I don’t mind though. In winter, I hate the cold, cold rain with a fiery passion. Well, as much fiery passion as that much dark and dreary will allow. Warm-month rain is different though. The mild, gentle rains of spring and steamy, explosive storms of summer seem happier and more friendly, somehow. Maybe it’s the knowledge that when it’s over, there will be warm, glorious sun on my shoulders. Maybe it’s the knowledge that all this rain feeds the lovely dogwood and magnolias, or that the alternating rain and hot sun leads to fat, juicy berries come summer. But whatever it is, I love warm month rain.

Warm, spring rain is what inspired my latest design – the aptly named “April Showers“.Image

I think the rain-like streaks of the body and the bright, sunny daisies at the end do a good job of emulating Spring in Virginia. When the rain here gets just a little too chilly and winter-like, I can wrap this shawl tight around my shoulders and it’s like wrapping myself in a little bit of Spring. I love it!

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