Sneaky Obsessions

A year or so ago, I noticed that a good 75% of the sweaters in my closet were blue. Admittedly I like blue, but that seemed like too much, even to me. So I began making an effort to avoid buying so much blue yarn. In fact today, as I was writing up a new pattern I’m working on, I was feeling quite proud of myself because the yarn is green, not blue. At least, until I set it down next to the other sweater I’m currently working on, which is also green. As is the sweater I’m currently wearing. I think I have a problem.

Any suggestions for my next color obsession?


2 responses to this post.

  1. You should go with purple 🙂 Something lighter though since dark purple is neither springy or summery. But not that pastel purple either, just something pretty.


    • That’s too funny – I’ve definitely had purple on the brain lately! I’ve even dug through my stash looking for some, but I think it’s time for a trip to the yarn store for just the right shade.


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