Field Trip, In Pictures

My purse project and I took a field trip yesterday!

sock starting

We slowly made our way from monotonous suburbia out into the rolling hills a couple hours west…


and eventually all the way to the caverns.

caverns1     caverns2

The caverns still fascinate me every time I go, and I have to say my 7th graders seemed exceptionally absorbed and quiet too.


…especially after I explained how the organ works.

After our cave tour, we took the kids to a pretty hedge maze; a new experience for almost all of them.


Being the incredible city-slickers my students are, they proceeded to spend the next hour running in circles, giggling hysterically, and freaking out every time any of them saw a bug. The other teachers and I strolled calmly behind them and tried not to laugh too loud.

After a picnic lunch in which the air was filled with complaints of “It smells like dirt!” and “Pieces of the tree are falling on meeeee!”, it was time to zoom on home.

going home

…except we didn’t “zoom” for long.


At least my sock and I had lots of time together.




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