I have an as-yet unpublished sweater blocking at the moment, which leaves me as a designer at a place much like a writer with a brand-new blank notebook. When I was younger and writing stories for fun, getting a new notebook was practically a ritual. I’d stroke the cover a little first and then relish in the crraaack as I slowly opened it. Then I’d just stare in awe for a few moments at the vast expanse of white before me, maybe with some perfect little blue just waiting for to fill them. Even the smell of a new notebook was intoxicating.

Those few days (or hours…or minutes) between designs create a similar feeling. By the time I’m done knitting a sample I’m usually pretty tired of working on it. The idea that I can now knit something, anything else is wildly exciting. I enjoy thumbing through my collection of sketches for a while, and then invariably wind up starting something totally unrelated to any of them. Today one of my colleagues was wearing a gorgeous cabled sweater (it’s been unseasonably cold here, and all the old buildings have already turned on the a/c for the summer) that looked perfect on her, but would have been awful on me. I immediately began redesigning it in my head as something that would flatter my own figure. By the time I got home my mind had already wandered to tank tops. It is almost summer after all. And beads would be fun…

Then comes the really fun part – stash diving. Ooooh the squishy. And more options than a blank sheet of paper! Even if it’s not very warm right this second, it was warm recently and will be warm again soon. So nothing too bulky or fuzzy. I’ve knit a billion green things lately…oooh, that’s a lovely shade of blue. Or purple! Dude, how long have I had that yarn?! Mmm…this one doesn’t seem to want to leave my hands. Oh drat, it’s not nearly enough for a top. I really want to knit a top.

And thus goes the process. For what it’s worth, I think I’ve settled on a silk blend, in blue. For now.

What do you think?

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