May Day

Historically, May Day is a celebration of all things Spring. It’s a day we embrace the lush, the colorful; the young and the new. A day for greenery, flowers, rain, sun, and the return of warm weather. At my alma mater, we celebrate with a rather odd mix of old and new traditions (link mostly sfw, but don’t click through too many of the pictures!) Here at home, I feel the need to celebrate in a less naked fashion.

Sky Scarf

(pattern Lea Redmond’s Sky Scarf; knitting my own)

Our unseasonable cold snap seems to have chosen the perfect time to end. It is back in the 80s today and I am excited for the return of bare arms and the reappearance of skirts and sundresses.


(Pattern is my own Lovely)

Even while I’m sitting responsibly in boring, over-air-conditioned meetings and patiently tolerating rambunctious, Spring-Fevered middle-schoolers, my mind is elsewhere. My quiet composure covers the fact that mentally, I’m out back enjoying dinner in the sun. I’m out glorying in the return of abundant herb gardens, baby tomatoes, and farmer’s markets.

herbs  baby tomato

And today, definitely, I’m rejoicing in the end of the drought. Do you think the neighbors would question it if I go out and dance in the rain?


What do you think?

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