It’s been a glowing sort of day. The rain of the last few days has washed away all the nasty city grime, leaving behind brilliant sunshine and the freshest air I’ve smelled in ages.

blue sky

Hubby and I walked out to the library to enjoy the weather, and since the sun has fully restored my urge to knit, I brought home a couple stitch dictionaries too. My brain is now glowing with possibilities.

I have a shiny new haircut, and after doing yoga for the first time in way too long (I’ve been working pretty exclusively on my run times) my body feels warm and glowy too. The delicious, brightly colored sweet potato risotto I had for dinner didn’t hurt either.

sweet potato risotto

Now it’s time for lots and lots of knitting. I’m feeling some color play.

sky scarf


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  1. What a lovely day!


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