Small Projects and Humor

How did I forget humor as stress-relief?! I’m a teacher!

Especially working in a classroom with such a diversity of languages, and dealing with teenagers, there are constant opportunities for hilarity on any given day. Today a kid popped into my room unannounced during my lunch and asked for a paperclip. Kids pop into my room unannounced frequently, generally just looking for some friendly conversation, but today I was foolish enough to ask why he needed a paperclip. He replied, with a completely straight face, “Actually, I might need a few. [Math teacher] says I need to stick to my work more”. He then clipped his finger to a sheet of paper.

I think part of the reason I found this so fall-out-of-my-seat funny is because I finished a project for the first time in forever yesterday. That little bit of accomplishment seems to have been a good antidote to my frustrations at work.


Puzzled, pattern by Brittany Wilson

The momma-to-be’s office baby shower was today, and her three year old immediately claimed it as his own. Not exactly the way either of us planned it!

Puzzled            Puzzled

Then, after work, I ran my personal fastest time ever…because we were actively running from this cloud:

We might have made it too, if I hadn’t doubled over giggling every time the thunder rolled. I know tomorrow the stupid at work will continue like normal, and maybe tomorrow I’ll be just as stressed as yesterday, but for whatever reason today was different. Today, I had fun.


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