Going Home Again

I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but then we had such a good time we wound up not getting home until midnight! I pretty much fell face-first into bed after that, because I’ve apparently become an old lady when I wasn’t looking.

Yesterday I took my husband to see the county I went to college in, and lived in for a while after. People always say “you can’t go home again” and I was a little nervous because it is the first time I’ve been back in a few years. Sure enough, there were at least 2 new shopping centers that hadn’t existed before, but not all change is bad.

St. John’s Pond was lovely as always, and the new boathouse at Horeshoe Bend is actually quite an improvement on the old shack.


The Garden of Remembrance was being set up for a wedding, but aside from all the chairs it looked and felt pretty much the same.


For those of you who’ve been to my home, this next one is the “Summer” painting hanging in the office.


At Church Point, the changes were actually quite worth it. Rather than continuing to fight the fact that Church Point is a perfect place for picnics and bonfires, they’ve built a fire pit and placed trash cans.


Of course there were other changes, like that tree down in the foreground, but changes like that are just a way of life when you live on the coast. They hardly count as changes at all.


After some lunch and a bit of splashing around, we headed to the state park down the road for some history, which hardly changes at all.



Except where old prison camps are reclaimed by the river.


The ghosts don’t like that, if you believe the stories.

The best, favoritest, most awesome change happened in the county seat. They’ve done their best to build up the historical, walkable aspects of the town. That involved putting in, among other things…A YARN SHOP!! Of course I bought souvenir yarn.

Yep, sometimes change is good.


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