The Summer Deep Freeze

Summer is upon us, and for a lot of knitters that means putting away the knitting and the knitwear for the next 3 months. For some of us, though, the deep freeze is only just beginning.

I love my sweaters in the winter, and certainly have a go-to stash of them I wear all winter long. I also have several extra-warm pullovers for the rare day I get to spend mostly outside. Those sweaters do go away once the weather warms up in March or so. However, American businesses really love their air conditioning, so summer around here is also known as the Season of the Cardigan.


(Pattern Mythos by Laura Nelkin)

Whether I’m spending the day at work and need something professional, as above, or just going out to play, as below, I spend almost as much of the summer in long sleeves as I do the winter.

(Pattern Indigo Playmate by Wendy Bernard)

I prefer cardigans over other alternatives because they’re easier to remove than say, pullovers, but more likely to stay put when I’m moving around than say, shawls. The “easy to remove” part is vital because while I may be shivering at my desk, the second I step outside it’s over 90 again. Factor in East Coast humidity, and the quick-change is an absolute must.

(Pattern Vine Lance Shrug by Cindy DiDonato)

For fancier occasions (indoor weddings; dinner at a nice restaurant) shawls are also a good choice.

(Pattern April Showers by Christina Loman)

As a bonus, a lace shawl can usually be crunched down to fit in my purse when we go outside.

(Pattern Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark)

It’s cold out (in) there folks. Be prepared!

(Pattern Sea Spray by Christina Loman)

4 responses to this post.

  1. Swedish businesses aren’t as fond of air conditioning, but we do have cool evenings, so it works out.

    Indigo Playmate looks really nice!


    • Thanks! The pattern is great, but I think I’ll definitely try a different yarn if I make it again. It really begs for something a little softer than worsted cotton.


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  3. […] while since I’ve released a new pattern, but now that we’re deep in the heart of the Summer Deep Freeze, I’d like to share Hyacinth with […]


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