Battle of Wills

Diet and fitness resources are quick to share the recent research which suggests that humans have a finite level of willpower. If you don’t deliberately indulge in something “naughty” from time to time you’ll apparently use up all your “responsible” and go on a crazy binge. Supposedly this is why people cheat on their diets, or stop working out, or eat a whole cake while quitting smoking. Controlled, well-timed indulgences are supposed to be the way to prevent this.

I think I’m about due for an indulgence. I’m actively working on four different knitting projects right now, and I can only share the slowest moving, most basic one of them with you because the other three aren’t published yet.

May Skies

Pattern Sky Scarf by Lea Redmond

On a separate knitting-related front, I’m feeling driven to work obsessively on one of my projects, but the school year is not quite over and is sucking up a totally unreasonable amount of my knitting time (and cleaning time, and sleeping time, and…). I’m almost grateful for the obnoxious amount of time I’ve spent waiting around on other people lately, because at least my purse project is getting some playtime.

Once the school year is over I’ll take some time to knit to my heart’s content before starting to plan for next year. That’ll lead to a new battle though – between me and my wrists. My wrists won’t care that my brain has at least 47 more hours of knitting in it, and my brain won’t care that my wrists started crying for a rest 12 hours ago.

While my head knows that eating healthy and continuing to work out is good stress control, my current stress levels disagree. The Stress Monster keeps whispering to me that this:

would make an excellent dinner, and I’m coming closer and closer to believing it. It also keeps whispering that sleep is totally a better use of my time than working out or cleaning, but simultaneously that I’m lazy and disgusting for not running daily 5ks and keeping my home spotless. Stress is kind of a jerk.

So, I’m rapidly running out of willpower. Time to be a little bad. Unfortunately after the unexpected new laptop I’m pretty broke (and trying to save to buy a house as well – another willpower drain), so it’ll have to be a cheap indulgence. No new camera or weekend getaway, unless it’s a super cheap one. Suggestions?


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