My life has been annoyingly “stuck” and stagnant lately. I think things are finally starting to flow again though. Hubby got some good news about his job just before he left town, and the wheels seem to be slowly turning again in my own job too. The yarn I’ve been waiting on to finish a sample knit finally arrived, and I’m burning through that like they’ll take it away if I don’t knit fast enough. Here’s a little sample of the color.


I know, this is a boring part. That’s deliberate.

The arrival of this yarn has also made me realize just how many half balls of fingering-weight yarn I have lying around. I have sweater quantities, almost, so now I’m contemplating something stripey or some colorwork as well. Not that I need another unfinished design on the needles right now. Just for fun, here’s a sampling of the sea of sock yarn. Add in the leftovers for the 2 sock-weight sweaters I’ve got on the needles now. Ideas, anyone?

stash flash

I need not tell you how helpful the cat was when arranging this shot.

Finally, the tomatoes are ripening!!!! Deliciousness is imminent. I can not wait. I’m already planning how to expand the garden for next year, because tomatoes apparently make me greedy.

cherry tomatoes



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  1. I’m turning a little green with tomatoe-envy… mine are still very small and very green, even though I check on them twice daily to see if they’re ‘done yet’. 🙂


  2. Posted by caityrosey on June 23, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Have you ever tried blended intarsia? I think of it like painting I water colors, only with yarn. Susan Newhall was teaching the technique at Yarnover in April. She has a few patterns up on Ravelry. What I take away from those patterns, though, it how ridiculously easy it is to riff with this technique and make anything yoiu want. Large graphic objects are the most practical as this technique doesn’t really play well with fine details. I’m planning to make a version of her leafy shawl as soon as I have the appropriate amounts and colors of scrap sock yarn saved up.


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