The Celebration Continues

A year ago today, my husband and I said our vows, and we haven’t stopped celebrating it yet. Unfortunately, hubby is off in the Land of No Phones playing G.I. Joe, so I am going to reminisce a bit with you instead.

Because of an ill-timed deployment and the nature of wedding prep in my church, we wound up waiting longer than I would have liked to get married. In spite of all that extra time, I crafted surprisingly little for the wedding. I crocheted the garters and painted our cake topper to look a bit more like us, but that was it.

cake topper

Did you know all weddings are required to have a blonde in them? At least, that’s what the cake topper industry believes.


Something blue – more details on my Ravelry page.

I think I would’ve hated it if I’d spent days and weeks of my life on something that probably wouldn’t get much attention in the end anyway. I also thought I’d hate all the random distant relatives and friends of our parents who “had to be invited” to the wedding in spite of not really knowing either of us. As it turns out, I have only the barest flashes of memory of most of that day, and the memories that have stuck have nothing to do with awkward small talk or things going wrong. Most of them look like this:

wedding dancing

That’s hubby in silver. Never would have known he could dance!

and eventually this:

champagne and strawberries

I believe the word you’re looking for is “sumptuous”.

And the indescribable Incredible that was leaving at the end of the night…with my husband? Yeah, that’s a memory I don’t intend to stop making any time soon.


4 responses to this post.

  1. What a great explanation for people new to using short rows! Great pics!


  2. I was so nervous getting married that I don’t really remember much either. We had no money, and did our entire wedding with 2,000$. I have been married for one year and like 4 months and I’m loving every minute!


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