Quick Update

This’ll be a quickie since I’m super busy at the moment, but Carnaby is done minus her buttons. I don’t have the right buttons in my stash, so I’ll be heading to the store at some point.


Knitting complete!

In the mean time Pole is underway but not looking particularly special yet. It’s lovely and squishy, but as hot as it’s been lately I can definitely see myself being tempted away by something light and silky. I’m going to try to be strong though because September 2 is not that far away. At least I should have plenty of time to work on it during the drive to Ontario next weekend. Maybe I’ll actually sit down long enough to work on it during our vacation as well.



Tomorrow is Family Day in my husband’s unit and while I’m grateful it’s not supposed to be as hot as it’s been, the whole “unseasonably cool and rainy” motif for Family Days is getting pretty old. It also makes it annoyingly tough to decide what to wear.


As an aside, if you’ve got some spare change, donate to your favorite Colorado charity (I donated to the Colorado Professional Firefighters Foundation myself). Colorado’s had a rough couple of weeks.


2 responses to this post.

  1. So happy to see that Carnaby is nearly finished. It gives me hope that I too may be able to finish some projects before grad school and work as a graduate assistant take all of my time. I just started HIther, one of the new patterns from the Fall 2012 Knitscene: http://annisknittingblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/knitscene-fall-2012.html

    I wanted to make that link prettier but comment box seems limited. 😀 I hope I can get this and a few other new Knitscene patterns done before it starts to cool down.


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