The forecast for today is back around 100 (38) degrees, and the sun has thoroughly burned away the 3 days of dark and rain we just saw. The return of the sun has me itching to go play outside, but the heat make my usual favorites – running, one-on-one sports with my husband, even a nice hike – less palatable. It is, however, the perfect day to go splash around in the water.

Today is also the perfect day to share with you a new pattern! Introducing Catch, a fun, fingering weight tank top that’s literally designed for bright summer days like this.


The simple, mostly stockinette fabric means it knits up quickly and won’t make you sweat under layers of heavy cables. The lace panels at the neck and hips allow extra breathing room and add just enough interest to keep you from getting bored while knitting. Even more fun, the lace panels have beads! The glass seed beads used in the sample are perfect for catching the sun and adding a bit of sparkle to your day.


I hope you’ll have just as much fun with this top as I do. As always, enjoy!

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9 responses to this post.

  1. It’s so pretty! I’ve been thinking about making a tank.


  2. So cute! Color and pattern are wonderful!


  3. Posted by Socioknit on July 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    I love it! Whenever I can, I try to add beads to my work. I’m crazy for little details like that. 😀 I will have to get around to knitting up this sweet tank top before it cools down.


  4. Gorgeous! I love the beaded detail. Great work!


  5. That’s really cute! I have yet to try beads, but I do like the way they look – sometimes.


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