Making Plans

Only a couple days left before we leave for vacation! I’m starting to get excited. Naturally, I’ve started packing the most important things first – knitting. You may remember (Fallacy #2) my little issue with predicting exactly how much knitting I’m likely to get done when I’m away from home. My paranoia is currently utterly convinced that two sweaters will never last me a whole week in Ontario.


Especially since one of them is nearly 1/3 done.

Never mind that I’ve never knitted even a bulky sweater in less than 2 weeks before. Never mind that one of the sweaters is the fingering weight I bought as a souvenir earlier this summer. I’m totally going to finish everything I bring!!! Cue muppet-style flailing.


It seems to want to be a cardigan. Maybe.

I think my knitting bag might wind up being bigger than my suitcase. Good thing we’re driving. Talk me down: tell me about all the awesome yarn stores in Ontario I can go to if I run out. Convince me I don’t need to bring my whole stash. Please?


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  1. Is there something odd about the knitting bag being bigger than the suitcase? This seems totally expected to me. I always have a harder time packing my knitting than anything else! Even for a reenacting event when I am sleeping at home and can always grab more/something else if what I brought isn’t working…


  2. Posted by caityrosey on July 25, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    We’ll be headed off to Gencon next month and last night I was contemplating the following: Can I justify leaving my dice bag at home so that I can carry more knitting in my convention carry-all bag.

    Note: this is a role playing convention not a knitting convention. Yet somehow my knitting gear is more essential to me than my dice bag.


  3. We are so similar…when I travel, I suddenly have huge delusions about what I will accomplish with my knitting, but my spinning also finds its way into my suitcase frther complicating things.

    For sure, some of my favorite fibers I have found were at LYS when my husband and I were traveling, rest assured! Essentially -based on my own repeated experience- you will be able to do about a tenth or less of what knitting you want to do on your trip. 😀


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