Project of Doom

This post is pre-fab. I am currently out of the country and probably not checking my blog, but I promise to share vacation details once I’m home!

We all have one. That massive, complicated project we started with such enthusiasm. Then after a week or five we had just a little less enthusiasm. And then less than that. But we keep on plugging away at it, because it’s going to be “So Worth It!” when it’s done.

Meet the Mosaic Blanket.

mosaic coverlet

When my husband and I first moved in together, he brought with him an old, ratty blanket from college and proudly draped it over the couch. Not only is it stained and worn, but it is dark blue and pretty much disappears on our dark blue couch. So, we decided that I would create a family heirloom to replace it. We took a bit of our wedding money and bought some pretty red and white yarn, and thus my Project of Doom began.

baby mosaic

When it was still a wee little project I could already tell it was going to be spectacular. This was a blanket we would cuddle under in front of the tv and lull our future children into naps with. This amazing piece of work was going to be a centerpiece in our living room for decades to come. But then it didn’t grow.

I grew a little frustrated at the apparent lack of progress, and my fingers may have strayed to other projects. Just a little. But I always came back, because my (tiny) family was counting on me (sort of), dammit! I slogged through it for weeks and months, and then, one day, I had it! Suddenly, there it was. A whole panel complete! I danced in my seat and proudly showed it off to my husband and anyone else I could get to listen. This was it, it was finally looking like a blanket, and I was almost done!

mosaic panel

And then I realized. No, I wasn’t almost done. I was 25% done. Crap.

I buried the blanket and all its yarn in a box and tried my best to forget it existed. Knitting should make me feel good, and this project Did. Not. It no longer deserved to see the light of day. That’s what I told myself, at least. This worked for a month or two, but I could still hear it calling to me from the box. It wanted to be completed, and I still wanted to show it off. Eventually I took it back out and worked just a row or two, here and there.

blanket progress

And now I’m finding myself, once again, getting sucked in by the siren call of the Project of Doom. On some level I know I’ll get frustrated by it again eventually. I know it’ll probably spend more time in the box. I know, just like the mythical sirens, it might just make me crazy before it’s done. But it’s just so pretty, so I’m going to keep banging my head against the wall. For now.

Entertain me while my PoD fails to grow. What your Project of Doom?


6 responses to this post.

  1. That is hilarious! My pod is anything that takes me longer than a week, lol! My attention span is only but so long in this season of my life…


  2. Yikes! My project of doom is a set of two-color brioche mittens. I was really excited about the theory of them, but the practice has been… uninspiring. It somehow ends up sitting at the top of my WIPs, as if daring me to pick them back up.


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