I am returned, safe and sound, from Canada. In spite of my knitter’s paranoia, I did not run out of yarn. In fact, I didn’t even ever touch the second sweater I brought along. I did nearly finish my purse project with all the time in the car while Hubby was driving, and all the time waiting in lines (mostly in Niagara Falls). I made better progress on Pole than I expected to as well, mostly because we got sucked into watching the Olympics instead of going out a couple times.


Up to the second armhole!

That’s pretty much all the knitting content for this post, but if you’re interested in hearing about my vacation, read on.

We took some scenic byways up to Ontario rather than emptying our wallets on the dreaded Pennsylvania Turnpike, and it actually wound up shaving some time off our drive too. Still not quite sure how that happened, but it made for a nice trip! Unfortunately border patrol did not stamp our passports, so my current passport is still stampless, despite having changed my name over a year ago.

yarn barf

This happened on the drive up too, but it didn’t seem quite worthy of its own Messy Monday.

Interesting things I learned about Canada (or at least Ontario) while there:

1. You can really see everything worth seeing in Niagara Falls in one day. If you can afford a room with a view it makes a decent “home base” for seeing the area though.

jogging the falls

The jogging routes in Niagara Falls are also pretty epic.

2. There really is maple, bacon, or gravy on at least half of the menu items in any given restaurant. I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Also, Tim Horton’s puts crack in their donuts. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

3. In spite of the intimidating signs issuing dire warnings about the consequences of speeding, if you are driving any less than 20 km/h over the speed limit, you will probably get run over.

american falls

More Niagara awesomeness, just because.

4. Locals appear to be just as baffled by the “why” of Civic Holiday as we are.

5. The CN tower is every bit as large as you’d imagine, and a lot more expensive.

CN Tower

So tall.

6. There is a cute little microbrewery nearby though, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. We may or may not have spent 4 hours there.

7. Toronto is apparently the Land of Super-Cute Sundresses. I was a bit jealous.

8. Icewine is worth trying, and a fascinating idea, but won’t ever be a regular at my table. Although really, the price alone guarantees that! Niagara on the Lakes as a whole, however, is well worth a day or two.

inniskillin vineyard

A vineyard is a vineyard is a vineyard, but growing grapes in a place with that much winter is crazypants.

9. Toronto’s public transportation makes me even angrier that D.C.’s is so abysmal. They do it so. much. better.

10. The Great Lakes (or at least the two I saw) are beautiful, and bodies of freshwater that large are kind of surreal.

lake ontario

Lovely Lake Ontario


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  2. Have been to Niagara and Toronto – great trip and such friendly people. Thanks for sharing your photos. I also suffer from knitters paranoia, though have never been short a project or yarn yet when traveling. lol


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