Summer break is over for my coworkers and I, and it is back to school time!

school supplies

Funny how much my daily supplies look like my students’.

Traditionally, this means the end of summer. Pair that with the unseasonably squishy, warm cardigan taking up space in my lap, and it’s easy to believe I should be pulling my cool weather clothes out and bringing my potted plants in before the first frost. Occasionally, when I’ve been inside all day and out of touch with the weather, I catch myself itching for merino and alpaca.


Like this! Or, like this with completed sleeves.

However, the calendar and the weather firmly disagree. You only have to step out the door to be immediately enveloped in the steamy reminder of just how much summer is left. The only thing that’s changed is how much time we have to enjoy it (isn’t that the truth for most things?). So, I’m making plans to squeeze every last golden drop of “feel good” out of my remaining summer time.

Teachers don’t really get proper evenings off, most of the year, but I do intend to do as much grading and planning as possible out on my balcony while the weather is still nice. Now that I’m back to room temperature, portable lunches pulled out of my bag, I’m also motivated to spend a lot more of my evenings and weekends in the kitchen, playing with all the produce that’s still growing strong.

banana peppers

So much yum left in the season.

There’s still time for ice cream in Old Town on a Saturday afternoon, for sundresses and bare feet at a Sunday barbecue, and for running for cover when a surprise thunderstorm changes our plans without warning. We’re only even just getting into prime season for hurricane parties and county fairs.

We’ve got a potential month and a half of summery weather left. What else should I do to savor it?


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