Messy Monday

Well, I had hoped not to have another one of these quite so soon after the last one…but the fates had other ideas.

Yesterday I decided to test-block Pole before I bound off the first sleeve. I like to do that (when I remember) in order to make sure my gauge swatch didn’t lie and my sleeves (or bust, or whatever part I’m blocking) will fit properly.

pole blocking

Sneaky gauge swatches…

While I was waiting for the cardigan to dry, I found myself in a rare moment with nothing sufficiently mindless to knit on. I dug out some scraps and made plans for a cat toy and possibly a hat, or a cowl. Then my senses went walkabout, apparently. I left the yarn alone for a whole 30 seconds while I went into the next room to dig out an appropriate crochet hook.

yarn high

This is what I returned to.

My cat has alpaca radar. He can tell the second I have alpaca out, no matter where he is in the apartment or how quiet I am about it. Remy LOVES alpaca. So not only did I return with my hook to find the above picture, but he then sat like this:


That left paw went tentatively up and down the whole time.

the whole time I worked. Once I started stuffing it with catnip he could stand to wait even that patiently, and crawled into my lap. Stuffing took twice as long as normal because he kept snuffling at it and patting me and purring so loudly I could barely hear myself think. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite manage a picture of Super-Excited Cat.


Who me? I’m not doing anything ridiculous.

At least he had the grace to be appreciative when I finally tossed him the finished ball. He’s also sufficiently distracted by it that I should be able to get an hour or two of peace working on my new hat before he realizes that it’s made of alpaca too.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Socioknit on August 13, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    My Tigerkitty has a wool radar, and it takes him about 15 seconds for me to leave wool yarn and a project without supervision before he lays on it and begins to delicately grab individual stitches with his teeth and yank them up, destroying my tension. It always amazes me how carefully he selects a single stitch to go after, barely damaging the yarn but causing havoc for my project tension. o_O


    • I usually do a pretty good job of destroying my own gauge with a combination of clumsiness and rings/buttons/Velcro. How efficient of Remy to leave the tension destruction to me and stick to grooming alpaca to death. 😉


  2. Lol! I didn’t knit while I had a cat. I’m suffering from cat knitting envy right now. Lol! So adorable. 🙂


  3. Oooh, he’s absolutely super cute!
    Luxury fibre obsession seems to be a general cat thing, though. Mine have it with expensive fabrics – when I spread several different fabrics out they invariably choose the most expensive (and delicate) to trample into submission and burrow their furry little asses in. *sigh* Still love them…


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