Project Fatigue

Through a strange, awesome coincidence, most of my blog reader today was full of friends showing off recent FOs. All the eye candy was awesome and inspiring, but unfortunately also a painful reminder of how little I’ve finished lately. The first and last few weeks of the school year tend to result in me coming home so exhausted that staring at the wall is about the most excitement I can handle the rest of the evening. This results in sadly few finished objects.

damn sleeve

You know how tired you are of looking at this sleeve? Multiply that by 10. That’s me.

Admittedly, as soon as the stupid extra ball of yarn comes in the mail I’ll polish off Pole. I’ve also begun a series of small, instant gratification-type projects in the hopes of easing the sense of inertia. I’ll probably finish the first hat tomorrow. But compared to all the awesome finished knitting “everyone” else is showing off, I feel like a serious slacker.

I’m trying out instant-gratification, but what do you do to relieve project fatigue? Alternately, commiserate with me and share stories of your own lack of productivity!


2 responses to this post.

  1. You are soooo not alone on this. I begin school on Monday and this whole week has been CONSUMED by school events that I had to facilitate with my department I work for as a GA (we handle all university student involvement). Since then, my knitting production has all but ceased since I stare at the wall with a brain-in-vegetation when I return from a 12 hr day, much like you. o_O


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