Something New in the Wind

The mornings have grown cool enough to require a jacket lately, and some of the leaves are beginning to change.


I’m heading out to a county fair tonight (best part of the season!) and a football game tomorrow. Calendar aside, it is definitely Fall. Between the hours my job requires this time of year and all the fun outdoorsy things there are to do right now, I’m having a bit of trouble finding time to knit. Sadly, most of my recent knitting has happened while going nowhere in heavy traffic. I am making decent progress on the wine theme though.


A colleague I work closely with is expecting a baby in early November, so I’m beginning to think about baby knits too. Anyone have any suggestions? I hate knitting blankets and she doesn’t know the baby’s gender – other than that I’m pretty open to suggestion!

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  1. a baby hat or burpie cloths?


  2. Posted by caityrosey on September 21, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    It’s getting cold so hats are a good idea.

    I’m told by many new parents that putting shoes on babies is a waste of time, but that socks are indispensable.

    A new mom friend of mine has a hoodie-blanket wrap that she uses as a coat for her baby quite often.


  3. Have you thought about baby wraps; like a swaddling cloth? Or even a “kick-bag”? Check these out: (in French, but you can get the idea)–cozy-baby-cocoon

    I have also seen some very cute diaper and baby bags knitted up on ravelry:


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