I have worked late every day this week (and will work late again tomorrow), so forgive me if my posts are a little short lately. Since I’ve done next to no knitting this week and have little to post, here’s a little tutorial on how to create tassels for your scarves, blankets, i-cords, etc.


First, wrap the yarn around your hand a few times. If you’d like a larger or smaller tassel, you can cut an index card or bit of cardboard to the length you’d like. The more times you wrap your yarn, the fatter your tassel will be. When it’s as large as you like, break the yarn.


Next, snip the bottom of your yarn loop. You may want to pinch the top to keep the yarn from sliding around.


Next, cut another length of yarn and hook it under the center of your yarn arc. This is how you will attach your tassel to the knitted piece.


Wrap an additional length of yarn around roughly the top quarter of your tassel. You can either knot the ends of the wrap together and tuck it into the center of the tassel, or weave the ends back and forth through the wrap and hang them down with the rest of the tassel. The second option is easier to make pretty, but the first option is more secure.

That’s all there is to it! Attach your tassel securely to your knitted object via the loop at the top and enjoy!

Need a project to practice on? Try my Aeration.

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