Farm Fresh

My final wine-themed sample and I took a drive out into the mountains yesterday. Hubby came along too. (Someone had to drive!) Fair warning: this one’ll be pic heavy.


We visited a really lovely farm,


and helped feed the P-rex. He really likes pumpkins.



Then we wandered our way through a corn maze,


and hopped a ride on the hay wagon out to the “pumpkin patch” which was suspiciously devoid of pumpkin vines.



We picked out a couple of tasty looking prospects,


and headed on back to the little store, which was selling other locally produced goodies. At that point my glittens had to come off, because our picnic lunch included still-warm cider donuts. Drool.


After lunch we set our sights on the vineyard across the street.


The apple orchard in the vineyard reassured us that we are, in fact, still in Virginia.

dirt road

And the grapes were looking good too!


From the little restaurant and tasting room, we enjoyed a lovely view of the state line.


west virginia

Then we headed on home…

return trip

And enjoyed the spoils of war the mountains!



8 responses to this post.

  1. P-Rex is awesome! These are great pics, I feel like I got out of the city for awhile. 😀


  2. Lovely fall trip with great pics. Something about pumpkins, dinosaurs and knitting tickles my funny bone 😛


  3. Awww! That looks like a lot of fun! And the food looks good too. I am such a snacker and I have to find some cider donuts to try now! Your glittens are too cute too. 🙂


    • Cider donuts are amazing, especially when they’re warm! Thanks about the glittens; I’ve abused them (read: worn them in the barn) for a couple years now and they’re still holding up. I love them!


  4. Looks like a wonderful time! And yay for knitting on the road!


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