Ravelry Groups

I try to keep my Rav groups to a manageable level, although my definition of “manageable” is fairly fluid. I like to be able to read all the interesting looking threads before I get bored, but I also get antsy if I have to scroll too far. Mostly I leave groups that grow inactive, but I keep a few (like the ones for my old schools) out of nostalgia. What are your self-imposed rules for Ravlery groups? Do your groups reveal as much about your life as mine do?


Bonus points if your groups make a nice, even rectangle!

Also, for the designers who read this blog, do you have a group for your designs? Is it active? What do you do with it? (I’m just full of questions today!) More than one person has suggested lately that I should have a group for my designs, but I’m afraid it’ll be boring and inactive and no one will join it. Having a Rav group with 3 members and no posts might just make me cry. So what do you do? Is it worth it, or do you wish you’d never bothered?


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  1. I am useless when it comes to groups. Notsogranny has a group based around her designs so check that out. Hope that is useful. (love the green!)


  2. I love rav groups! Not a designer though, so I really can’t be much help there…But I do help moderate one. I think if you have folks buying your designs and you promote your own visibility (with good tags so folks can find your group based on their interests), it might be a really good idea.


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