There comes a point in the school year (several, actually) where your average teacher is completely exhausted and just trying to not actively damage any students before the next 3-day weekend or more extended break. I am definitely at that point, and it’s making it hard to find the energy to post, or knit, or do much of anything but come home and go to bed.

teacher phases

I’m about here, currently. Right on schedule.

Luckily, Thanksgiving is next week for those of us in the U.S., and I’ll get a couple of days to recuperate. In the meantime, the overwhelming majority of the energy I have left after school hours is being spent on school things, and I just don’t have the motivation to knit much after.  I did manage to finish spinning this on Tuesday though:



and then start a new cop too:

new cop


Stubbornness is a powerful motivator. I do think it’s getting better, although it’s definitely still not even. The new stuff is softer than the undyed wool too. I’m also slowly, slowly plugging away at a cowl, just to have something mindless to work on.



I’m also still up to date on the Sky Scarf. Again, stubbornness is a powerful motivator. So is habit.


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  1. I’m glad you got to spin yesterday; I have been so busy with job applications, interviews and today I had to take a clerical exam to qualify for a State job, that I wasn’t able to spin. 😦 Honestly, all this applying and multiple rejections day after day has the same effect of utter burnout, so I really understand being in survival mode. You are really coming along though! The latest spun ball is looking pretty great!

    Hang in there, the holidays are soon upon us…


    • When my husband got home from Afghanistan, he applied to at least 90 or so “likely” positions (plus some unlikely ones) before he finally got hired. I definitely remember how frustrating and exhausting that can be. Good luck!


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