Not Dead

I had most of this post all ready to go last night…but then I got home from work at 7 and was asleep by 8. The combination of running myself ragged at school and this nagging not-quite-cold I’ve not-quite-kicked just ganged up on me and productivity was not happening.

Sunday we went to see our home team play in the Eastern finals (2nd of 3 post-season rounds, for those who don’t follow MLS soccer) and I remembered why I love being a soccer fan in a city that prefers football.


Where else could I afford playoff seats like this?

The fans still put up a pretty good show though; our Barra Brava is like none other. I enjoyed this:


and this:



and did not get very much knitting done at all, alas.


Why yes, I did paint my nails in team colors.

But I’ve survived to the break and now have several days ahead of me to catch up on knitting between Thanksgiving festivities.


What do you think?

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