Spinning Experiments

I’ve been playing a lot with my spindle lately, experimenting with which things make what happen. I tried deliberately spinning slower and leaving my singles unnervingly loose and (to my uneducated eye) underspun in order to produce a more balanced singles and not have to ply or work plain garter.


No luck.

It did not work. Then I played around some and decided to see just how thin and fine I could make a singles on my 1.5 oz monster before plying.

fine singles

The answer is this thin.

I’ve also been trying to spin straight from the batt (Top? Still not clear on all the terms) the way everyone in Spindlers seems to recommend, instead of tearing it into little bit chunks first. I keep running into this, though:



What am I missing? Tips? Advice?


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  1. Posted by Linda on December 5, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Would a wrist staff work? I have a braided one with beads on the loose ends to weight it dow and hold a length of roving out of the way. And I use roving or a strip of a BST, instead of top. Top needs a lot of predrafting.


  2. Posted by Craftie Allie on December 6, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    I wish I had some advice. My spinning skills are completely nonexistant. Whenever I try, it just breaks apart. Siiiigh. I’ll figure it out one day. Kudos on you for working so hard on this! Again, I wish I had some advice. Hopefully someone else can help you out!


  3. Well, I know the last issue anyway: you need a distaff to hold your material up out of the way of your spinning. This can be as simple as a stick you wrap the fiber around or a little bag you draw it out of. I usually wrap it around my wrist so it’s all just right there but out of the way.


  4. You need to split your fibre into thinner strips and attenuate it(stretch it out) in order to get a consistent strand to spin from. Also you need to keep the unused fibre away from your spindle or else you will keep getting int caught in it. Some people like to keep it over their shoulder and some like to wrap the long roving over and around their wrist. Some people make a wrist distaff and use that to hold their fibre. Hope this helps.


  5. Posted by caityrosey on December 13, 2012 at 10:07 am

    I tried attaching fiber to my wrist, but it drove me batty. In the end, I ended up using handfuls of fiber and doing lots of joints. Probably not very efficient. I guess I need one of those standing distaffs. Maybe my coat tree would work…


  6. […] I was plying is the end result of the experimentation in this post and also the last of the fiber my sister-in-law gave me all those ages ago. Luckily I having a […]


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