Fit to Flatter

Yesterday I was lucky enough to finally attend one of Amy Herzog‘s Fit to Flatter workshops. I won’t go into too much detail, because you really do need to take the workshop to get the full picture, but it was definitely a worthwhile experience. It was interesting to see that I’ve been instinctively knitting and designing for my bottom-heavy figure, in spite of the fact that my measurements suggest I should be a more proportional figure and I always assumed they told the whole story.

bottom heavy

As she pointed out, the initial, head-on impression of your body is the one most people carry around in their brains, so that’s the one that counts. The decidedly unflattering shot above shows that when you reduce me to a 2-dimensional amalgam of shapes, my hips are wider than anything up top. That means things with fancy details in the top half, like cowls

esmeralda lace

Esmeralda, by Christina Loman

or color work, or yokes,  or lace work help to balance my figure and flatter it. Because I’m so curvy (in the literal sense, if not the euphemistic one), wide, deep necklines also flatter – even if I wear a tank or something else high-necked underneath.


Catch, by Christina Loman

Details that call attention to my waistline are also flattering, although a simple belt will do the trick there. I also got to try on the samples from a lot of Amy’s patterns, and learned that since Amy’s body type is similar to my own, a whole lot of the patterns from her upcoming book are going to look awesome on me. Can’t wait til it comes out!


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  1. Now that sounds like a useful class, and not just for knitting.


  2. What a really useful set of information. I love how you distinguish between the literal and euphemistic sense of “curvy”!!


  3. Amazing! I always thought that using furbelows and gew gaws to play up one part of the body over the other was 90% wishful thinking (and possibly 10% fact). Yet here before my very eyes is the evidence that such is not the case. From most of the shots of you, I never would have guessed that your hips looked wider than your top, but the first one in this post shows it very clearly.

    Thank you for making the point and getting it through my stubborn head.

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  4. Posted by caityrosey on December 9, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    I need to take a class like that. Will definitely sign up next time I have an opportunity.


  5. […] December I took Amy Herzog’s class at my local LYS and expressed excitement about her upcoming book. Well, it’s finally here! It only arrived today and I’ve […]


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