New Toys!

I know a lot of people are showing off the crafty goodies they’ve gotten for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. and I’m going to join the party. Look, look!

stitch dictionary

A new stitch dictionary! I’ve checked this one out of the library a million times already, so I’m excited to be able to save myself the trip now. Also,


A new GorillaPod! It’s an awesome, bendy, magnetic tripod for my camera. No more shaky hands and blurry shots for me! I particularly love that it’s so easy to mount nearly anywhere. I take photos in some pretty odd places, and the hubs is not always around to help.

gift certificate


I also got a gift certificate to a yarn shop not terribly far from me for a spinning lesson and some money towards…drumroll… a spinning wheel!! I think I’m going to wait and get a bit better with the spindle before I shell out for a wheel, and I do still kind of want another spindle for my birthday, but I am very excited to go play with wheels!



Last but not least is not strictly a Christmas present, but still very exciting and it came the day after Christmas, so I will count it. This is yarn support in the form of KnitPicks’ new Capra line. It’s cashmerino and I can not stop rubbing the gauge swatch across my face. It feels soooo amazing I practically drool every time I pick it up.

rc copter


This is not my present at all; it’s just a bonus photo because it was the most popular gift of Christmas. Why yes, it is a remote-controlled helicopter, and yes, it did go to a man my father’s age. But it. is. awesome.




What do you think?

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