Spinning Update

I haven’t blogged about spinning in a while, but I promise I have been keeping up with it! (As an aside, Sarah, how’s your spinning going? Your blog’s been quiet lately!) Hubby got me two new spindles for my birthday, and I had quite a bit of fun testing out the new darker beauty for plying. It spins so fast, and I am in love.


What I was plying is the end result of the experimentation in this post and also the last of the fiber my sister-in-law gave me all those ages ago. Luckily I having a surprisingly large amount of other spinning fiber left to play with.

Vicki's 2-Ply

The above is the end result of spinning as fine as I could manage without the yarn constantly breaking (and oh did it) and then turning it into a basic two-ply. It seems to be about 58 yards of bulky weight, and I think I might try to turn it into a cowl to match the hat.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Janet on January 9, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Love your spindles and yarn. I think it would make a pretty cowl.


  2. Posted by caityrosey on January 11, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    That yarn looks so soft and cozy. I want to reach out and squish it.

    I’ve been neglecting my spindles lately. Mom gave me one of those spindles with rods you can swap out for Xmas. I’ve really got to try it out one of these days.


    • It definitely is squishy. I haven’t worn this particular lot yet, but the hat I spun out of the same fiber is super warm as well. I’ve never seen a “swappable” spindle; sounds cool!


  3. Those spindles are beautiful!! I want another spindle so badly! I’m going to have to work it into the budget soon somehow. Yum!


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