I’m very excited to announce the release of my newest pattern, Potomac!

potomac cover

Potomac is a bottom up, worsted weight sweater designed for a combination of warmth and simplicity for an active winter’s day. The recommended yarn is very warm for a DK weight, mainly because of the silk content (which also adds a pretty hint of shimmer, like the Potomac River on a sunny day).

potomac profile

The subtle color variations of a kettle-dyed yarn lend themselves particularly well to a simple pattern like this, where they won’t be overwhelmed by heavy texturing. Don’t fear the miles of tedious stockinette, however, because there are also simple cables up the front and back that provide just the right amount of interest without being complicated enough to distract from the yarn.

center cable

I had a lot of fun designing this sweater, and the inspirations for it are totally local. The yarn, the color, the pattern name – they’re all Home to me. Although I know most of you are not  from this area, but I hope you’ll love Potomac as much as I do!

potomac back


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14 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by caityrosey on January 21, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Congratulations. I’m always a bit in awe of those who design. It’s the patience to knit, and frog, and knit some more.


    • Thanks! Interestingly, I seem to frog nearly the same amount whether I design or knit someone else’s, since I seem to be pathologically incapable of not modifying other people’s patterns.


  2. Very pretty! I exspecially like the cable feature at the waist line – such a clever way to emphasize the waistline.


  3. Love the new pattern! You always have thoughtful details in your work that really make it stand out! 😀


  4. This is beautiful! I love the cable change at the waist – such a great idea!


  5. It’s a gorgeous pattern! And that yarn looks like a treat, too.


  6. So pretty! I love how the cables create an hourglass shape!


  7. WOW. Just cathing up on my blog reading, and stumbled across this. Nice design chops 😉


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