Signs of Spring

It’s still definitely winter, and in fact there’s ice in the forecast for tomorrow and snow for Friday, but I’m beginning to see signs of the coming Spring, and I’m getting excited.

When we were out photographing a sample the other day, we startled a flock of robins. Robins are always my surest sign that the snow and deep freezes are done, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen them come home this early before. It’s a little unnerving, actually.


american robin

Pic by Carine06 via Wiki Commons

It’s also planting time, for things I’m starting from seed. So I set up my little indoor garden over the weekend, and while there’s nothing to see yet I’m still very excited. Outside, some of the trees are starting to get little red buds and the crocuses are getting leafy too.


Nothing to see here…yet.

Then, there’s my intense craving for green. Admittedly, green is my favorite color so I always crave it a bit, but this time of year it gets out of control. All I want to wear is green, all I want to knit is green, and absolutely nothing is as exciting to me as discovering a new bit of green outside. It doesn’t help that I can’t photograph the sample currently in test knitting until it gets greener outside. I’m so impatient!


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  1. […] it’s March. The robins came back weeks ago, my little garden is greening up nicely, and the daffodils and cherry trees are all full of fat […]


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