Quick Update

Baby knitting-wise, I think I’ve come to a decision. I was torn between the Helena cardigan and the Design C Textured Cardigan, but yesterday Mama Coworker mentioned casually to me that she was so sick of Batman (her son’s current obsession) and football (her husband’s obsession) and couldn’t wait to do pink and frilly and girly-girl with the new baby. Helena has picot edging and pretty ribbons in addition to the lace, so that sold me.

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

I’ve also been busily spinning away on the luscious silk-merino blend I mentioned a few posts back. My yarn is getting more consistent, but it’s still not quite where I want it to be. While there were fewer slubs this time, there are still some. It’s also noticeably thicker at the end of the cop than it was at the beginning, although the change was slow enough that I didn’t notice it while I was spinning. Frustrating. It is pretty and does feel nice though.


Can’t quite get the colors to photograph right…

Most of my knitting time has been spent on samples lately. I sure wish I could share some of those with you!


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  1. Posted by unyewshual on February 22, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Great choice! It’s really pretty. Spinning is probably one of those things where you just have to do heaps of practice. Good meditation too!


  2. You can share the samples and earn a little money while you’re at it. Do a knitted square of the pattern. Offer it to those interested for a $5.00 fee plus whatever the actual cost of shipping is. You can use Paypal for the transaction at minimal cost to you and no cost to the sample recipient.


  3. That bouncing baby girl is going to look so cute in that! I think I would’ve been torn between the two of those patterns as well though…

    Your handspun is gorgeous! Besides, it’s a handcraft. The human touch should be evident, right? 🙂

    Btw, did you spin this on a spindle? I believe I saw some spindles you were using a while back…Sometimes as the spindle gets heavier with the cop, your singles might have to get a little thicker too. It’s to adjust for the growing weight of the spindle without snapping. Some spinners only spin on a spindle to a certain point just to maintain the consistency. Then, they start another spindle if there’s more fiber left to spin. I tend to like seeing how I can pack it all on one, lol. I like fat cops! 🙂 I try to maintain as much consistency if that’s how I started the spin. But, I have had some times when I’ve packed it on and the singles started snapping off here and there. I had to sacrifice the consistency to get it all on there. After a while, I could get it so the lack of consistency wasn’t so noticeable…But there it is. Meh. It happens.


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