Quick Fix: Missed Decreases

Last night, mid-hockey game, I realized I’d forgotten to decrease on the previous row of a WIP. Being way too lazy to rip back an entire row of a seamless cardigan, I simply “unknit” the relevant stitches and fixed them in the current row. I’ll let you in on how if you promise not to tell the Knitting Police! 😉



Should have done an ssk on the previous row!

Here is the first mistake – a missing ssk. I am also missing a k2tog on the other side of the marker.


Pull it out!

I dropped the 2 stitches that should have been knit together, and pulled loose the little bit of yarn I used in the previous row to knit those 2 stitches.


Ssk those stitches!

Then I slipped both stitches onto the right needle like a normal ssk and used the bit of yarn I’d pulled loose to knit them together. This stitch will be a little looser than it would have been if I’d done it correctly the first time, but as long as you’re not doing it too often, the difference is slight enough that it won’t be noticeable at all after blocking.


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  1. Posted by unyewshual on April 13, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Awesome! It looks a bit scary, but I’d like to think that I could try to remember that if I found myself in a similar situation.


  2. What great, clear pictures!


  3. Fiend! The knitting police will get you for this! I would never, ever do something like that. 🙂
    Yeah, not. To be honest, I can’t count how often I’ve used this method – I’m a tv or audio book knitter too, and sometimes things just get far too interesting on screen…
    I believe that knowing how to fix (or fudge) such little mistakes is part of being an accomplished knitter (or so I like to tell myself).


    • Haha this is officially one of my favorite comments I’ve gotten on this blog. Knowing how to fix mistakes without ripping definitely is crucial when you spend as much time knitting as I do, as is knowing when a certain mistake is going to bother me enough to be worth ripping anyway. 🙂


  4. Posted by MidKnit Owl on April 16, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Congrats on fixing the problem! Whenever I try something like this, I create more yarn chaos that I started with! I just nominated you for the Leibster Award – I really enjoy reading your blog and think other people will too!


    • Thanks! The last thing any of us need is more chaos! Between having a cat and the terrible things my bag occasionally does to my knitting when I travel, I’ve gotten pretty creative about fixing my knitting…


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