Invisibility Mode

I have done so much knitting in the last couple weeks, and done so much designing, and I can’t share any of it with you guys!! It is super frustrating. There’s a lot going on in my personal and professional life (lives?) right now too that’s also “up in the air” and not shareable. So for now, a poll. I am making a beaded shawl to wear at my friend’s September wedding and we’ve narrowed down the choices some, but I still need help making a decision! I will be wearing royal purple with silver jewelry/shoes, and yellow flowers.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I voted for the silvery grey, since you will be wearing purple it might be nice to accent your accents. I guess it would depend on the pattern and the accent pieces. Though something in black might be good as well, a contrast to the purple, but still coordinating.


    • I thought about black, because it would go. Then I thought about placing all those beads and knitting all that lace in black, and I wanted to cry. Think I’ll pass on black this time, but you’re definitely right about the silver.


  2. I think either silvery gray or variegated purple, but I have trouble with the yellow flowers – are the bright yellow or soft yellow? If they are bright, I would go with the purple. If they are soft yellow, I would go either with the gray, or with a variegated yarn of soft gray/yellow combo if you can find one.


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