Shawl Update

I’m still trying to knock out a persistent spring cold, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet before I fall asleep again. Thanks to your lovely poll votes (and the bride’s input, of course) I finally decided on a yarn for the shawl I’m going to make. I went with Gloss Lace in Sterling, a neutral grey color. I’ve worked with the Aran version of this yarn before,

Pole open

Pole in Gloss HW

and it feels incredible, so I’m looking forward to working with its lace cousin. The yarn also has a nice subtle sheen, thanks to the 30% silk. I’m hoping that’ll contribute to making the shawl read more as “silver” and less as “grey”. Now to choose beads!


8 responses to this post.

  1. i love your Pole! Beautiful color and drape. I am a big fan of silky yarn. Can’t wait to see your beaded shawl 😀


  2. This looks like a swing cardigan rather than a shawl. ??


  3. Check out Miyuki beads – they are super nice!


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