Messy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a bit “messy” in our household because it’s not an abstract holiday for us, but there’s a bit of extra messy going on today. The shawl is coming along,


Unblocked lace is boring.

but I’ve had to order another pack of beads because there seems to be a disproportionate lack of purple beads in this particular pack. Because this part of the shawl has lace on both sides (as opposed to simply purling, or knitting, the WS rows) it’s also been really slow going. Well, that’s the excuse I’m using anyway. ūüėČ

feel good banner

Additionally, another upcoming design is now ready for test-knitting. This one’s a little adventurous compared to many of my patterns, in part because there are so many suggestions for personalizing it. These cabled knee-highs are not a first-sock pattern, but especially if you participated in my calf poll, we’d love to have you!


Sneak peek of the pattern!

Finally, my apartment is incredibly messy today because we are packing! Our offer has been accepted on a very cute rambler much closer to work, so barring any disasters during the inspection, we are going to become homeowners! I’m suddenly very aware of what an absolute disaster my fiber “corner” has become. Might be time to do a “before and after” for future Messy Mondays!


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  1. Posted by caityrosey on May 27, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Yay! I hope your new place has more room for projects. Good for you.


  2. Because I find your blog utterly inspring, I have nominated you for The Liebster and/or The Sunshine Award! Click here for details:


  3. Oooohh!! Are you getting a crafts room?! I can’t wait to see what the new digs will mean for your stash. Mine got swallowed up in my current crafts room, lol.


  4. […] this post I mentioned ordering new beads because I didn’t have enough to complete the shawl the way I […]


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