Stadium Knitting

Yesterday I deliberately cast on a new project with lots of stockinette because I knew I’d be going to the USA vs. Germany soccer game and I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on a difficult project, but I figured Germany would beat us handily enough that I’d want something to knit. So for the train ride into DC and the first few minutes of play, there was plenty of this:

stadium knitting


…and then this happened:



and my knitting suddenly got very slow and full of mistakes. By the time this happened:



I had to put the knitting away entirely lest I hurt myself. Then by the time this happened,

final score


I’d not only forgotten my knitting entirely, but was hoarse enough that I’m a bit concerned about being able to do my job this week. This was a way more exciting game than I planned on it being, and I am very glad I had the foresight not to bring any complicated knitting along. Not that I did much knitting at all, but all the jumping up and down would probably have messed up a complicated project!

As an aside that really tells you a lot about this town, we sat between a girl who grew up in the same county as me (here in the suburbs of the U.S. capital) and is a hardcore Germany fan, and a family of incredibly enthusiastic USA fans who are still learning English. I love this place.


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  1. Cute post, even cuters nails! I’m jealous of those of you with enough dexterity to pull of designs like that.


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