Spinny Goodness

I’m working out some major changes to the shawl that leave me unable to really work on it at the moment, so I’ve been doing some extra spinning instead. I also started the sample for a new pattern, but I’m not ready to share that one yet. So, spinning:


Pay no attention to my redneck lazy kate!

I’m managing to get 2 distinct types of singles, in spite of them coming from the same top. You can see the “bobbin” on the left is much darker than the one on the right. And yes, you can also see the cat supervising my spinning. He is a very diligent supervisor.


Here’s a closer look at the colors.

I’ve been plying dark to light, and in the strand it looks very striking, but the effect is actually much more subtle in the skein.


Here it is in the strand.


Here it is all together on the spindle.

I think my favorite part is the absolute glow it gets from the silk content. Silk spins like a dream too, apparently. I think I can probably get one more skein out of the current batch. By then, hopefully, we’ll be moved and I’ll finally have space for a wheel! Getting really excited!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I agree about the silk. It is gorgeous to spin with an has that beautiful sheen. Your spinning is looking lovely.


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