It’s been a good while since I’ve released a new pattern, but now that we’re deep in the heart of the Summer Deep Freeze, I’d like to share Hyacinth with you!


Hyacinth is a lacy, feminine cardigan meant to be worn open or held in place with a shawl pin. The lightweight yarn and elbow-length sleeves add just enough warmth to chase away the air-conditioned (or evening) chill, without the heaviness of a winter cardigan.

hyacinth neckline

The scalloped, floral lace begins at the hemline and travels all the way up the fronts of the cardigan and across the back of the neck. It adds a sweet elegance and style to an otherwise practical sweater. It also keeps all that sophisticated stockinette from growing boring!

hyacinth back neck

Hyacinth is one of those rare sample knits I couldn’t resist wearing before it was published because it is just so perfect for this time of year. It keeps me warm in our freezing cold schools and restaurants, but isn’t jarringly “different” enough to clash with my pretty, summery dresses and work clothes like a winter sweater would be. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Gorgeous!!


  2. It’s adorable, Christine. It’s the type of thing that people like me see and think, omigod she KNITTED that. And then they think, she is so talented! Heh heh – at least that’s what I thought.


  3. A very beautiful pattern.


  4. Beautiful! I definitely need to be warmer at work.


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