Messy Dye Lots

This is not related to a current project, but it seemed like a pretty clear indication of the importance of dye lot, so I thought I’d share. The background piece is the Broken Rib Tank I made back in 2009, and the piece on top is an “Ugh” project I recently ripped out and we will not speak of. 😉 Both are the exact same brand and line of commercially available yarn – same weight, same fiber percentages, same colorway, everything. The only difference is dye lots 4 years apart. This is a prime example of why you should ALWAYS buy the whole project’s worth of yarn at once!

dye lots


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  1. Been there, done that, uttered a few curses!


  2. Wow…That’s substantial of a difference! Not something I’ve personally encountered in solid colorway…more likely found in kettle-dyed semi-solid.


  3. Amazing difference. I used to knit the bulky knit Mary Maxim sweaters and found a small difference in dye lots, never something as major as this! Now I know it’s practically a matter of life and death for buying all your wool at the same time.


    • This one’s actually a cotton blend (not sure if that’s connected to the dye difference) and definitely an especially dramatic example of dye lot difference, but it definitely illustrates the point!


  4. That’s pretty impressive. It’s a totally different colour!


  5. woah even with my dodgy colour vision I can see they’re different colours.
    hope you find the right project for it.


  6. WOW! that is a BIG difference!


  7. Oh I’ve been there, I could’ve cursed a sailor under the table!


  8. […] swatch of stockinette in my last post? It was a project in the same yarn I from the dye lots post. In the dye lots post I mentioned that I had frogged that particular project. Well, I spent all the […]


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