Shawl Progress

The shawl is coming along nicely. It’s reached the point where it covers my lap when I knit, but since it’s lace it’s not really problematic. Don’t know that I’d work on it outside in mid-day, but in the cooler hours or indoors, it’s fine.


I’ve finished the initial, beaded lace section and moved on to the center, unbeaded section. This is a much larger and less repetitive chart, so my progress will probably slow here for a bit. Since I’ll be doing a good bit of traveling and oh yeah, MOVING in July, that’ll probably slow me down too. I’m still feeling excited and eager to work on this thing though, so that’s a good sign!

bead detail


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  1. hey, that’s really pretty! I have made a few lace things that I thought would do well with beads, I’ll have to try it.


    • Thanks! Beading is surprisingly addictive. 🙂


      • I have done it on other projects, jus tnot a complicated lace shawl – it already felt complicated enough! My cousin recommended a good book for learning how to do it – knit one bead two by someone I can’t recall right now. I got the book also, and have made a few of the projects – scarf and socks, at the least. My cousin made the sweater – it is truly beautiful, but so bead laden that it is heavy, and seems to be stretching out, so she can’t wear it often. But gently scattered across a lace shawl would not add that much weight…

      • Weight was the problem with the first swatch I did for this shawl too. It’s definitely a fine line to walk.

  2. That is lovely, I just adore the detail work! Cannot wait to see it finished, good vibes coming your way from the Buckeye State!


  3. It looks lovely – so neat!


  4. Really pretty. Keep going as I’d love to see the finished shawl!


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