Beach Knitting

Hello from the beach! My girlfriends and I are taking a 3-day weekend along the Atlantic, and it is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a lot cooler here than at home but the change of scenery sure is nice.

toes in the sand

There’s been plenty of knitting too! I may possibly have been naughty and cast on another project. I didn’t have anything portable and mindless going! I practically had to! At least it’s out of stash?

beach sock


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  1. Totally necessary! 🙂


  2. Well you had to do something with your hands, didn’t you. Glad you’re enjoying your break. That sea looks wonderful.


  3. it is important to have portable projects, and beach knitting. Of course it is OK to cast something else on. Don’t know where on the atlantic you are, but it is getting hot here in Maine, maybe it will even get warm enough to go INTO the Atlantic this week. 🙂


    • We went to Maryland (I thought that might explain the difference in temps, as I live in Virginia, but my friend in Maryland says it’s been 20 degrees warmer her way than at the beach too) and the water temps were definitely bracing!


  4. It’s a beautiful view from your balconey. Too bad it was so cold. Still, relaxing and just shrugging off your cares as you cast on your stitches…man, who can beat that?


  5. What would possibly be wrong with casting on something new? Vacations require vacation knitting. I thought this was a universally accepted truth…

    Also vacations require yarn acquisition if opportunity presents itself.


  6. Happy beach vacay! Hope you’re having a blast.


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