Too Many Projects!

I’ve found the tipping point. I just found myself contemplating casting on another project and thought, “Nope, you’re an idiot.” Apparently there is a limit to how many projects I can do justice to at once.


Project #1

I already have 3 active projects, all my own design, going on right now. I also have 2 more designs that are beyond the knitting part, but have quite a bit of clean-up and preparation going on.

spiral sock

Project #2

Even with school being out for the summer I can barely pay attention to all the projects needing my attention right now. Casting on another would be absolute lunacy. Be strong, Christina, be strong!


A deliberately boring shot of Project #3

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  1. It must be really hard when you have so many ideas buzzing around you head but you do need to be strong otherwise all the work you have done will be a waste of time!


  2. I usually have one knitting and one crochet project going on plus one patchwork quilting and one scrapbooking. That is enough for me to cope with and more! I limit myself to one hour at each and that way I make progress on all of them and don’t get bored with any of them either.


  3. I totally agree with you! I’ve got four things on at the moment and I KNOW I can’t finish them all. One project per weekend going forward…


  4. I recently decided to limit my knitting to one Long Term Project, one Short Term Project, and one Finishing Project at one time. So right now I’ve got an Aran sweater as the LTP that I can always fall back on, fingerless gloves as the STP (quick fix!), and a shawl as the FP (lots of boring ends to sew in–stripes). Helps me feel organized, lol.


    • That’s a pretty good system. I tend to go for a challenging project, a mindless project, and a portable project. Sometimes the mindless and portable are one in the same. The WIPs just got away from me a bit this time!


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