Messy Frogging

Remember that mysterious swatch of stockinette in my last post? It was a project in the same yarn I from the dye lots post. In the dye lots post I mentioned that I had frogged that particular project. Well, I spent all the time between those two posts working up the yarn in what I thought would be a more appropriate project…and then yesterday I ripped it all out again. I think the simple truth is I just do. not. like. this. yarn. It makes me a little sad, because it used to be a lovely line of yarn. Back into the stash it goes until I either find a perfect project (eye roll) or trade it for something better.

Between all that ripping and some house-buying drama, I was in serious need of some relatively mindless comfort knitting. My travel project became my main project last night. I suppose that created a bit of a silver lining – now I finally have an FO I can show off on the blog immediately. Yay socks!

spiral socks

PS -Happy Canada Day, Canadian readers!


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  1. Yay for socks! I love the way these turned out – I am working on my first pair and cannot wait to slide them onto my feet…well…foot – I am doing them one at a time! 😉


  2. What great looking socks! Sorry to hear about the yarn 😦


  3. Posted by caityrosey on July 2, 2013 at 10:29 am

    The angle of the stripes on those socks is sort of mesmerizing. Do you get distracted by them as you walk?


  4. These look great. Great proof as to why we need lots of projects on the go at once!


  5. To quote the Golden Girls: Thank you for being a friend! You are a true inspiration to me and to show you how much you are appreciated I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


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