Travel Knitting

We’re in the midst of moving right now, and I haven’t had time to knit more than a half dozen stitches in days, but last weekend I got plenty of knitting done. So let me tell you about it!

Last weekend we drove all the way to Connecticut for my cousin’s wedding, and since Hubby drove a significant portion of it, I got to work on my scarf for the Military KAL. Between the simple pattern and the hours and hours in the car, I pretty near finished it.


Then we had a chunk of time between this:



and this:



so I got almost a dozen rows done on this:



With the chaos around me now, I’m kinda wishing last weekend could’ve just continued!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Moving sucks! You’ll be okay in a couple of days…weeks? Your new mantra is “All is well”.


  2. It will be worth it. Love the patterns in the second project.


  3. I love travel knitting! No better way to pass time in the car than to bring along the knitting needles and a suitcase full of yarn!!


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