Well, all our stuff is officially out of the apartment, and the keys are turned over and out of our possession. I don’t even begin to know where exactly all our stuff is, but presumably it’s around here somewhere! One thing I have managed to find is my sweater collection though.

sweater collection


I went a little crazy and arranged them both by weight (well, heavy vs. light) and color. We’ll see how long that lasts. It does really make it obvious just how many green sweaters I have though. Time to start working on some other colors there.

While we were loading up the truck my sister asked me to make her a steering wheel cover for her birthday (in late August) and hoped that it wasn’t too late to ask. Steering wheels are not sweaters; a month is plenty of time! Remember that Pima Silk I had, where I couldn’t decide what to make, but wanted something where it would be touched a lot? Well, guess whose favorite color is purple? It’s a bit paler than she normally wears, but she’ll like it, I think. AND the nice cool cotton-silk blend will feel awesome under her hands sitting in traffic in the hot sun! Now to figure out where my needles are packed…

pima silk

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  1. Congratulations. Seems like a lovely project to relax in between all the unpacking. X


  2. I think that is an awesome idea, although I am wondering are you afraid of it slipping/sliding around at all? Congrats on getting moved, I know how hectic it can be.


    • Cotton tends to be pretty grabby in my experience – the cotton/elastic blend I used on my own cover years ago didn’t slip at all. It did dry the heck out of my hands, but I’m hoping the silk content will mitigate that like it did in the shirt I knit from it (also years ago).


      • Thanks for the reply. I always have thought they would be great gifts, but definitely worried about slipping. I look forward to seeing your progress on it!

  3. Yeah! As long as the stash made it safety to the new home, all is is right with the world! Where are you going to find the pattern for the steering wheel?


    • I’m pretty sure the stash is here somewhere! I found two boxes labeled “yarn” yesterday, so that’s at least (a large) part of it. I used the pattern from Knitty last time I made a steering wheel cover, but that one’s for elasticized yarn. I’m sure someone’s come up with other variations by now. If not, I’ll have to write one!


  4. Congrats on a successful move. Good luck on finding your things. It won’t be long before you have half of it unpacked and put away, and the other half in the basement until you have time to go through it 🙂


  5. I will definitely want to hear about the steering wheel cover. I, too, was wondering it slipping. We will want details!


  6. Hope you enjoy your new home.We’re starting to think about moving again – we just got here less than a year ago. After that, I’m not moving for quite a while!


    • I hate moving, personally. At this point it’ll take at least a year to get everything put away where I want it! I can’t imagine moving again so quickly!


      • We move once every 5 years. Keeps the “stuff” at manageable levels. We stayed in our last house for nearly six years so I’m treating this move as the one we should have had then.
        It’s not too bad. There are other more stressful things in life. Like it being too hot to knit : )

  7. Hello I wanted you to know I nominated you for three wordpress awards. The Liebster Award, the Sweetest Blog Award and the WordPress Family award. Check out my blog for more details.


  8. I hate moving…hope to never do it again! but oh wells. 😛 guess you can never tell!


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