I’m going out of town in a couple days, and that trip will involve both planes and a really long time on a bus. Of course I’m going to need plenty of knitting, but I may have overdone it a bit. Maybe.



The shawl is coming with, of course, because it’s still fun and because I have just over a month left to finish it in time for my friend’s wedding. I will not be bringing the beads for the third section though, because beads and travel just sounds like a bad combination. So “in case” I manage to finish the center pattern (or more likely, run out of attention span for lace), I cast on some new projects.

wheel cover


The steering wheel cover for my sister’s car, in all it’s silky, lovely glory, seems like it will be a quick knit. Quick can lead to finished with nothing else to work on! Gasp!


So I also cast on another scarf for the Operation Gratitude knit-along. My first scarf for the KAL’s been done since shortly before I moved, so I was due to start another anyway. This one should take a while – possibly long enough to keep me occupied while traveling! But then I remembered someone once told me that crochet hooks get less questioning than knitting needles on planes. I’ve never had my knitting questioned at the airport, but I figured just in case…



I’d better start that lovely basket/wine tote pattern of G-Ma Ellen’s that’s been in my queue forever. It’ll be nice to have someplace pretty to store our hats and mittens and whatnot this winter. And nice to be really darn sure I’m not going to run out of things to knit and crochet. But I’m loading up the Kindle just in case.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve never been questioned either about my knitting needles, but for sure crochet hooks are no problem.


  2. Lol! Yeah, beads and travel…I tried to defy the obvious result of mixing those two once. You have the right idea. 😀


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