Whirlwind West

We are home from a week out west! It was a 5-state whirlwind tour (I really am getting too old for those) but we spent most if it in Wyoming. I’ll try to keep it semi-fiber related, but there really is so much more awesomeness to describe, like every time I travel, that I’m actually thinking about starting a travel blog just so I can ramble on about it without feeling guilty.

We flew into Salt Lake City, where we visited the temple and some lovely gardens and, surprisingly, a really good microbrewery.



After only a day in Utah we hurried on through along a stretch of the Oregon Trail in Idaho, including a lunch stop at Soda Springs, aka “the place I always died when playing Oregon Trail”.

oregon trail


Then it was into Wyoming. This was about where I became absolutely mesmerized by the way the shawl gleams in the sunlight…and so did several other passengers on our bus.

silk glow


It is also where I fell in love with the Tetons. Yellowstone was amazing, but I expected it to be. The Tetons are seriously undersold here in the east. Boy do I ever have the itch to paint after spending some time there. The knitting may have suffered a little due to my inability to stop staring at everything.



Then we spent a few days in Yellowstone, which was not nearly enough. Rather than try to cram the whole park in to so little time, we stuck to the lower loop and still didn’t have nearly enough time. We did do most of the big highlights on the loop though, and saw plenty of critters.

old faithful bison

Thanks to a “bison jam”, this is also about the point where my shawl stopped fitting in my bag and so I switched projects.

big shawl


Our hunt for something locally made/grown in any of the gift shops at all at Yellowstone also brought us to the conclusion that Wyoming is made in Montana. Certainly all the stuff inside it seems to be. After Yellowstone we hopped over to South Dakota for a few days…just in time for Sturgis.



After enjoying some serious noise and the requisite visit to Mt. Rushmore, we headed back through Wyoming on our way to Denver.



Our ambling, less-that direct route included stops in old Fort Laramie, aka “that place I always traded away all my clothes in the Oregon Trail game”, and Fort Collins, home of an Anheuser-Bush plant and the best military discount I’ve ever seen.

fort laramie  colorado bud

Another day in Denver and it was “hurry past the creepy blue horse and into the circus-tent airport”, and home we went! This is definitely one of those vacations where I’m more tired than I was when I started, but we sure saw some worthwhile things!

dia mustang


Knitting project statuseseseseses:

Shawl – done with the center panel; ready to start beading again



Wheel cover– complete; will just need to sew it to my sister’s steering wheel when I see her for her birthday

wheel cover


Lace Shell Basket – perfect airplane crocheting; probably about halfway done



Op Grat scarf – barely touched, either thankfully or unfortunately, depending on how you view the trip!

op grat scarf


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by caityrosey on August 8, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Brave of you to knit all that event-critical lace in the car.


  2. Sounds like an ace trip. Thanks for sharing the great photos.


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